Circus in Lexington raises money for Visual Bucket List Foundation


The C & M Circus came to Lexington on Wednesday night. Not for the lack of interest, but because of her two visual conditions: nystagmus, which causes the eyes to make repetitive uncontrolled movements, and retinal dystrophy, which affects her sensitivity to light. Buy Now Remington Hedrick. Remington’s parents, Amber and Shane Hedrick, told Richland Source in August 2017 that Remington has trouble seeing things at a distance, has little to no depth perception and has significant color deficiencies. But everything changed when Remington received a pair of eSight glasses in October, which was made possible through a fundraising effort led by The Visual Bucket List Foundation. The glasses allow her to zoom in on things she otherwise couldn’t see. So, when the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus brought their traveling show to Lexington Wednesday, May 9, Remington and her family were in the crowd. Now in its 33rd edition, the C & M Circus is internationally known. Each of two 90-minute shows included performances like the Wheel of Destiny & Tight Rope by The Perez Family, Miss Simone on the trapeze, The Arlise Troupe on their unicycles, Miss Paulina’s proud “Big & Little” prancing ponies, Natalie’s American Eskimo Escapades and Miss Georgia displaying flexibility to the extreme. Article with images +2 Visual Bucket List Foundation to send 2 Shelby girls to Disney

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